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occupy our food supply

Posted: February 19 2012
Occupy our Food Supply - February 27th.

An unprecedented alliance of sustainable agriculture advocates and food justice networks, including over 60 Occupy Wall Street groups as well as environmental and corporate accountability organizations are joining together with a theme of creating local solutions and resisting Big Ag and its destructive practices of placing profits over people and the planet.
Will you join us? Here are a couple of ways:
1. If you are a blogger, consider amplifying this story by spreading the word and saving the date to cover these issues as part of a coordinated effort to set the blogosphere abuzz with a conversation about the urgent need to end corporate exploitation of our food systems.
Writers and thought leaders including Vandana Shiva, Michael Pollan, Michael Ableman, Robert Kenner and Anna Lappe will be adding their voices in support of a wide-ranging series of actions across the US and the globe.
2. Whether you're an individual or represent an organization, you can organize your own event for the Day of Action. Planned activities so far range from reclaiming unused bank-owned lots to create community gardens; identifying GMO
and destructive products in grocery stores with stickers; protesting at Cargill-owned hedge fund offices; doing seed exchanges in front of stock exchanges; supporting community alliances to drive away WalMart and dangerous, unethical food distributors; and fighting back against Monsanto’s revolving door into the FDA via Obama.
You can learn more and see an evolving map of actions by visiting www.occupyourfoodsupply.org.
3. If you are interested in helping to spread the word about the day of action on social media, we will be using the Twitter hashtags #F27 and #occupyourfoodsupply. The social media guide can be found here:
Thanks so much for your important work on these issues and we hope to have you on board to Occupy our Food Supply February 27th!
In solidarity,
Ashley / via the Rainforest Action Network
red hook, new york