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November 16: Celebrate Change & Cheese at the Greenhorns Obama Melt!

Posted: November 10 2008

Excited about our new president-elect? Come celebrate with the Greenhorns at our farm in upstate New York! We're having a cheese melt to celebrate change, an "Obama Melt", if you will.  It's a chance to gather together to celebrate the election of a progressive president, one who says exciting things like ""America's farmers are America's future"...It's also an excuse to celebrate all the terrific artisanal cheeses produced in the Hudson Valley region, and to toast the visions, aspirations and perspirations of young farmers!

We're asking guests to come with some good, melt-able, cheese in hand, and we'll provide potatoes, bread and other yummy things to melt the cheese on.
WHEN: November 16, after we've had time to process the election.  6pm is melting time.
WHERE: Greenhorns Greenshed Farm, in Nevis, NY.
Please rsvp to Severine at [email protected]
Here are a few delicious local cheesemakers - most of the websites have information on where to find their cheeses.  Many local markets have a great selection of local cheeses, including Gigi Market, in Red Hook, which is is close to our farm.
Nettle Meadow, Coach Farm, Old Chatham Sheepherding Company, Hawthorne Valley Farm, Sprout Creek Farm, Rainbeau Ridge Farm, Painted Goat Farm