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no farms, no food

Posted: January 22 2010

American Farmland Trust is helping to organize a No Farms, No Food Rally in Albany on March 15th.  This legislative lobby day is intended to bring together farmers and consumers, farm groups and environmental organizations, local governments and others that care about the future of farming and our food system in New York.

The event will be an opportunity for participants to hear from legislative leaders and advocate for state budget and legislative priorities to help:

  • Protect farmland from poorly planned development;
    Possible Priorities:  Environmental Protection Fund, Farmland Protection Program, Conservation Partnership Program
  • Promote environmentally sound stewardship on farms;
    Possible Priorities:  Environmental Protection Fund, Agricultural Nonpoint Source Program, Soil and Water Conservation District Reimbursements
  • Enhance the economic viability of farming;
    Possible Priorities:  New York Farm Viability Institute
  • Increase the availability of fresh foods grown by New York farmers.
    Possible Priorities:  Farmers Market Grants Program; Fresh Checks

We are hopeful that this event will be a strong complement to other advocacy efforts underway and will help demonstrate the tremendous diversity of organizations, individuals and interests that care about the economy and environment, public health and the many other issues wrapped up in farming and food issues in New York.