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new york: buzz with rev. billy's honeybeelujah campaign

Posted: April 10 2014

Springtime Greetings to the Citizens of Earthalujahville!
This spring we run our parallel performances - our nonviolent dramatic activism and our run at Joe's Pub at the Public Theater on May and June Sunday afternoons in New York.  The outside and inside stages feed off each other, with information, arrests and whoops of "Earthalujah!"
Buzz with our HoneyBeeLujah campaign. We will conduct media-genic "bee-swarmings" in and around the property of Monsanto, Bayer, Cargill, and Archer Daniels Midland.  We will perform inside big big box stores where bee-killing chemicals are sold to domestic gardeners from the shelf.  The Bee-stinger-singers will follow the EXECUTIVES OF THE ABOMINABLE MONOCULTURE - into their lobbies, the parking lots and restaurants.  The workers in these hedge funds and chemical companies must be gently exposed to the truth about their pesticide poisons.
If you are in New York, please join us at one of our eight shows starting Sunday May 4th.
Rev. Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir

hudson, new york