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new immigrants struggle to gain land tenure

Posted: March 21 2013
Cirilo Salas, from Mexico, is a new farmer in Missouri.

Immigrant Farmers Breaking Barriers in US Midwest

In the Midwest, where the immigrant population has soared in recent years, Latino farmers are breaking through cultural and language barriers to operate their own farms. A new US government project is also supporting their efforts. Reporter Anna Boiko-Weyrauch reports on two immigrant farmers’ journeys.

Every evening after work, Antonio Garrido takes care of the kids. His goats, that is. Two of them just gave birth and Barrido is busy bottle-feeding. “Animals are beautiful,” he says.
It’s work that represents the start of a new life for Garrido, who is from central Mexico. For years he and his wife lived in California, where he worked at a restaurant. Then, a decade ago, the couple visited Missouri and never turned back. Garrido says that his wife embraced life here. It was calm, no traffic, no street gangs. Garrido started a Tex-Mex restaurant, but then sold it to pursue what he did in his youth: farming.
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