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Native food sovereignty in the face of coronavirus

Posted: May 26 2020

A "Seeds and Sheep" project in Utah is one of many innovative programs seeking to help Native communities become more food sovereign and self-reliant.

A beautiful article from writer Erik Ortiz, As the coronavirus pandemic strains supplies, Native Americans fight food insecurity. Read to discover the initiatives in food and seed sovereignty in Native communities across the country, to develop "resiliency gardens" and a stronger local food supply.

Photo from Cynthia Wilson, originally published on NBC

"Across the country, as households turn to planting and gardening as a relaxing hobby or to become more self-sufficient during turbulent times, the act of cultivating one's own food has taken on a greater significance among Native American communities where the pandemic has laid bare an enduring food crisis and a desire to return to customs and traditions some fear are slowly being lost."