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more mapping!

Posted: October 25 2010

you know we love MAPS.   Here are some beautiful  examples of a mapping project in SF, from 7x7 Magazine
Rebecca Solnit's 'Infinite City' Maps SF in a Whole New Light
"I wanted to make maps gorgeous, seductive, delicious, and beautiful again,” says author Rebecca Solnit, whose 13th book, Infinite City: A San Francisco Atlas (UC Press) will be released in November. “Cartography used to be both an art and a science. I wanted to return to that.” Solnit’s career up to this point—she has authored books on topics as diverse as human response to disaster, getting lost, and wanderlust—prepared her to create an atlas that maps her specific experience with the city she has called home her entire adult life. Solnit collaborated with 27 writers, cartographers, designers, researchers, and artists to create 22 full-color maps that offer whimsical, insightful views of the city, along with essays that expand on the sometimes-surprising juxtapositions within.  continue reading HERE