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miller job opening - upstate NY

Posted: March 10 2012

photo credit: Nathaniel Brooks for The New York Times

About Wild Hive Farm:
The Wild Hive Farm Store and Café combines an artisanal bakery, a local food store and a wonderful neighborhood space where folks come together. Wild Hive baked goods are hand crafted from own freshly milled flours from locally grown organic grains. We also carry a large supply of local meats, cheeses, and our own farm raised chickens and eggs. We prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner with the same high quality local ingredients we make and sell.

About the Position: Learn to operate a stone grist milling operation.  No milling experience necessary. Mechanical aptitude and farming experience necessary. The candidate will manage and maintain several micro-mills to process grains and flours and also do light farm work, raising and processing chickens in a small-scale operation at the same site.  A fantastic opportunity to learn an important trade, rarely offered. Help revive a traditional trade and provide fresh, organic and local food to your community. Full time training position open immediately. Training period depends on skill and reliability.

Apply now at goodfoodjobs.com

red hook, new york