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making the invisible visisble - davis, ca

Posted: November 10 2010

Second National Symposium on Food Systems and Sustainability "Making the Invisible Visible"

Tuesday, November 9 : “Making the Invisible Visible.” Through experience during field trips, participants will identify components of the food system that may be invisible or less visible to themselves and others and begin to consider how these aspects might inform research, policy, education and other agendas.

Wednesday, November 10 :  “Making the Whole System Visible.” What happens when we can “see” the whole system? What possibilities are unleashed through the visualization and integration of “invisible” elements? How do we leverage these possibilities?
Who is attending: Invited guests include INFAS members, Kellogg/IATP (Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy) Food and Society Fellows, Real Food Challenge student leaders, and journalists and other media representatives.
More info here.