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Maine Seaweed Seminar at Chautauqua!

Posted: August 12 2010

One of our sunday workshops will be with Robert Cushman, from 8;30-10:30 on Sunday morning, quite nearby to our sunday home base of Machias.

Rob Cushman has spent the last two years completing an MS in Agriculture, Food and Environment at Tufts University's Friedman School of Food Policy and Nutrition Science.  Over the coarse of his studies he developed a serious side interest in the complex world of sustainable seafood.  Already familiar with Downeast Maine, he has spent the summer directly pursuing this seafood interest.  He has worked with some local shellfish aquaculturalists but has spent the bulk of his time apprenticing with seaweed harvesters.  He will share this recent experience at the Chatauqua.
- Describe current process of harvesting and processing of key seaweeds in Maine and New Brunswick
- Describe major players in the area
- Discuss nutrition and marketing issues
- Discuss sustainability/scalability and future directions/regulations for this food source in Maine
- Lead trip to nearby seaweed beds

We're aiming to work from shore, but there is the possibility of attendees renting canoes.
Gear to Bring:
- a bag (plastic, nylon, burlap etc.) to carry collected seaweeds
- good footwear (water sandals/shoes or rubber boots)
- bathing suit
- sweater
- cheap knife


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