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maine sail freight: cargo and farms (photos by lawrence braun)

Posted: May 3 2021
Photographer Lawrence Braun followed along as Maine Sail Freight delivered quality goods by boat.

For the first time in over 100 years, agricultural freight has been transported by sail from Maine farms into Boston Harbor. Maine Sail Freight is both an art installation and a platform for an important discussion about trade and how a look into the past might give us a glimpse into the future of trade and how it might affect fishermen and farmers in the region.

After you check out the amazing PHOTOS from Lawrence Braun, take some time to WATCH a film about Maine Sail Freight from The Greenhorns to get a better understanding of the vision and concept behind this project.

Maine Sail Freight was a project of the Greenhorns and was part of our work to support farmers and a diversity of collaborators with a commitment to the rebuilding of rural economies through sustainable agriculture, small business entrepreneurship, and teamwork. 

We have also supported multiple other sail freight projects, including Vermont Sail Freight and Caribbean Sail Freight. 

Thanks to partners Crown of Maine Organic CooperativeMOFGA and Maine Grain Alliance for their support.