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looking to farm, missouri/arkansas

Posted: February 16 2012

We are a young couple (Alex & Michelle) with a 5 year old child in tow...and a passion for learning the following: all things organic gardening, innovative growing and building methods, raising small livestock, creative structures, integrating the community, and simple living. Currently we have internships on an organic CSA farm in Missouri that specializes in produce.
Previously we worked together as landscapers, groundskeepers and gardeners.
We crave simplicity, working outdoors, growing our own food, having time to pursue personal passions and spending time as a family.
Ideally we would love to find a position on a farm that would last at least a year and would include a small house, food from the farm and a stipend in exchange for working. Our hope is to gain knowledge and experience while having the ability to save money for our own home and plot of land someday. We will come with knowledge and experience as landscapers, gardeners, and groundskeepers as well as interacting and working at a Farmer's Market and organic farm.
Michelle is an artist and has organized community functions and created art installations for the community.  Alex is very creative, handy and detail oriented and has built decks, stair cases, and does amazing stone work. Although we hope to stay in the Missouri/ Northern Arkansas region we would definitely be open to other areas of the country. If interested please contact us at: [email protected]