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land available - Cortez, CO

Posted: January 24 2012
This one is for serious applicants!  If that means you, read the property description and contact Dan Peterson by email: danpetersen at open-focus.com to set up a telephone chat.

The irrigated land in the photos covers 12 or 13 acres.  The entire ranch is 150 acres with a total of about 25 acres of agricultural land, the remainder being mostly for its esthetic beauty.  The small house in the one photo is on my neighbors property but is most likely available for rental at a very affordable cost.  I am looking for a person who would eventually be interested in managing the entire ranch which I have been doing for many years and I am getting older and need some young blood here.  I see that person beginning with the newly prepared pastures as their own project for hay, livestock, orchard, produce or whatever we could mutually agree upon.  The land is minimally fenced and I would finance the fencing as needed.
My website can give any interested person an idea of my work which is closely tied to the vision and the use of the ranch as a retreat facility. (www.open-focus.com)  I have a first right of refusal on some adjacent land and the vision includes acquiring that land if practical if it becomes available.
A personal telephone interview would be a first step to see if the offer is in the interest of both of us.


cortez, CO


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