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kickstart the greenhorns!

Posted: October 19 2010

There are only 3 days left in our kickstarter campaign - we've raised a lot, but we've got a ways to go if we're going to get funded!

The Pitch.
So what do we want to do now?
1. Take our film all over the country and get many more young people psyched about entering agriculture, and connect them with the resources to get started (like our very own Guidebook). *This begins in October 2010 on the west coast*
2. Put 5,000 more young farmers up on our online map and database, Serve Your Country Food - all the better to SHOW people what is happening and boost nationwide young farmer networking capacity.
3. Stage many more unique and delightful events for young farmers, i.e., ringing bells in communities all over America, sharing skills, making art, planting gardens, serving fresh food, providing spaces for connection and cultural bloom, mixing it UP.
There is more to tell, and we'd be happy to talk if you will get in touch. But now is the part where we appeal to your purse, portfolio, or pocketbook - because we simply do all this on a shoestring and we are not good enough grant writers yet (and who has the time?)
Please contribute to the Greenhorns campaign and find your generosity reciprocated with a fine gift! This is a chance for us to raise our voices on behalf of American agriculture.