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just a quick reminder that work songs are awesome!

Posted: November 20 2017

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=669minzpICI&w=610&h=458]
We found this worksong among a wonderful collection of other songs on worksongs.org, which is run by Maine farmer-musician Bennett Konesni. It's kind of a digital soundbook and Bennett has created a collection of songs used to aid labor and has included lyrics on many of the songs. His long term goal is to have recordings, lyrics, history, usage tips and comments on each song. He created the site to address three needs:

First, the need to share songs that people can use in their fields, markets, kitchens and at the table. Second, and more generally, my wish to understand and enliven the culture of food. Third, and in a universal sense, my desire to explore ways to make all work more fun.

It's a really cool project and he and his trained harbor seal Andre accept donations if you would like to support him.
Click HERE to check out the full site.