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john bunker homestead tour - tonight

Posted: July 16 2013

Another great offering from MOFGA, as part of their Farm Training Project workshop series.
Tuesday, July 16 at 5pm Super Chilly Farm, Palermo
Anyone who’s perused the Fedco Trees catalog has gotten a glimpse of John Bunker’s encyclopedic knowledge of and unbridled enthusiasm for the diversity of Maine’s agricultural flora. John, along with his partner Cammy Watts, also operates Super Chilly Farm in Palermo. They tend about 100 fruit trees, extensive small scale vegetable gardens, small fruits and many ornamentals. They grow most of their own food, storing much of it in their stone root cellar. The orchard features dozens of rare and historic varieties, many originating in Maine. Gardening is done entirely with hand tools. John will give a tour of their off-the-grid owner-built home, various apprentice log cabins and out buildings, gardens, orchard and nursery. There will be plenty of time for questions about farming and homesteading on a small scale. Come see what you can do over the course of forty years with marginal land and a lot of home made compost.


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