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it is unusual for us to repost from the american farm bureau

Posted: September 28 2012

Because usually we don't agree with their communications, and their view of how farmers and young farmers can achieve viability. Towing the line for agribusiness isn't our idea of ' new media savvy'.

 But here is a different take, but a man deeply in touch with the data on new farmers, and the USDA's new commitment to supporting beginning farmers.
The data is in. New farmers are starting businesses in what Matteson calls the " retail food sector" which basically means CSAs, Farmers markets, direct sales, Restaurant sales, and regional sales. This is the regional food economy that we are rebuilding with our businesses, and it is significant! It is where we can start viable businesses, where there is growth, and frankly deserves the support of institutions like the FSA. So how wonderful! For him to make this information public, that we can direct program support towards these new and future stewards of the local and regional food systems that are the most resilient. Diversified landscapes producing fruit, vegetables, meat, milk, field crops-- all much closer to where they will be eaten, processing and agricultural infrastructures within reasonable driving distance to production and consumption.. a decentralization of our hyper-centralized and specialized foodsystem. Not only is the exactly the right direction for our food economy to be headed, it is born out by data, and is the outcome of thousands of brave individuals farming and starting businesses that make sense.
-- Severine
red hook, new york


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