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If this is Spam, then Amen.

Posted: April 23 2009

These spammers are getting awfully clever and progressive!
der-freierMy name is Sidney Cole, working with (WORLD YOUTH ORGANIZATION FOR HUMAN WELFARE) California, U.S.A. We are organizing a global youths combined conferences taking place from MAY 23rd-26st 2009 at California in the
United States and in, Cotonou - BENIN from MAY 27th-30st 2009.In our request to invite people from various countries around the world, If you are interested to participate and want to represent your country, you may contact the secretariat of the organizing committee for details and information. I believe that we may have the opportunity to meet if you may be willing to participate in this event. You can also inform youths & NGOs in your country about these conferences. The benevolent donors of the Organizing Committee will provide round trip air tickets and accommodation for the period of participants? Stay in the U.S., to all registered participants.You will only be responsible for your own hotel booking in BENIN where the second phase of the conference will be held. If you are a holder of an international passport that may require visa to enter the United States you may inform the conference secretariat at the time of registration, as the organizing committee is responsible for all
visa arrangements and travel assistances.
Sincerely,Sidney. Cole