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hudson valley fishmonger

Posted: October 1 2009

an interesting model for sourcing and distributing sustainably caught fish...
Hudson Valley Fishmonger

Why Buy From Us?
I have been asked this question, and I will try to be as concise as possible. There is a lot of information out there that is alienating people from the movement of making proper seafood choices.

As consumers we have the power to bring about a positive change at sea by demanding to know where our fish come from, how it was caught and whether it is endangered.
There is a very large fishing industry out there, some fishermen are trying to get it right, and they are not being supported as much as they should be, because people are not recognizing the difference between what they are doing and what the people pillaging the seas are doing. We need to support those people.
There is no Black or White answer. If someone tells you farmed seafood is bad or wild seafood is bad, they are advocates, I like to approach my relationships through education. There is good and bad in both forms of seafood, but I will help guide you to the most sustainable of each species.
I have been educating students and clients about which species of fish to eat/avoid for years. Through my various jobs as educator, speaker, caterer and consultant, I have made some amazing contacts in the seafood industry. Some of the most special ones, are the small day boat fisherman trying to make a living as the larger companies are coming in with boats that indiscriminately catch everything in their path, usually resulting in large quantities of bycatch, which is neither good for the environment or the fishermen involved.
Along the way, I have had friends and family members ask me regularly where to find these products. After all we live in an area where you can find pastured raised beef, free range hens, and an abundance of organic produce. So I figured it was time to start a new type of CSA. Community Supported Aquatics.
I have developed a system with a group of commercial fishermen to buy direct from them. What does this mean to you? The fish will be caught in the morning, dressed, iced, and shipped overnight to me, where I can then deliver it to you, usually less than 24 hours out of the water!
Compare that to the seafood at the “local” markets where the fish is 3-4 days old before they even get it from their distributor, who got it from a central market, who got it from the fishermen. [Wow, a lot of transactions] And that is all before it sits on ice for a couple of days, waiting for you to buy it and it was purchased on speculation. I only buy when there is going to be a sale. My fish will never sit on ice waiting to be sold. These are fish that are cared for by a group of fishermen who take pride in what they do and still try to make a difference in the world.
Lastly, you are buying from a trained and world travelled chef. I not only have a deep personal connection to the sea, but I can help educate you on the best ways to store and prepare your catch.
I have been cooking and training people for 20 years, allow me to help you.
Hudson Valley Fish Mongers will donate a percentage of all sales to www,passionfish.org to further educate the public on matters of sustainability.