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house of fairy tales cartography!

Posted: April 1 2014

Cartography Portfolio
We enlisted the imaginations of artists to realize the aesthetic, visualize the psycho-geography and describe the terrain, landscape, characters and stories of The House of Fairy Tales. This portfolio is a collection of works that aim to describe the lay of the land. Much like the worlds encompassed in the great works of fantasy literature or the modern digital gaming artforms, The House of Fairy Tales encompasses whole continents, foreign lands and wildernesses as well as the familiar and comforting homes of its incumbent characters. The sale of this portfolio will contribute towards the charities activities with children and families.The Cartography Portfolio consists of twelve prints in a range of sizes from A2 to A1, with 10 lithography prints (including a specially created work by Sir Peter Blake) and two silkscreens.

hudson, new york


Art, Maps