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Here's a Vote for the Horses

Posted: February 24 2009

When recently faced with the prospect of Winter, I had to make a tough choice - should I buy winter tires (thus assuring my survival in eastern New York) or should I spend the same 900 dollars to buy some draft horses. In the end, I opted for a plane ticket to California to overwinter there (and shoot 25 more hours of footage).  - Severine


Here's an excerpt from a recent Treehugger Post on the subject: Should Small Farmers Consider Shunning Tractors and Embrace Horses Again?
by Matthew McDermott, New York, NY on 02.19.09
"A recent post over at Chelsea Green by Gene Logsdon caught my eye this morning. After talking about Amish farming methods-which are far from beyond reproach in some areas, but that isn't really the point of this post or Logsdon's-he makes some interesting statements about the differences between farming with horses and with tractors. Now Logsdon grew up farming with horses, so this isn't necessarily some piece of starry-eyed romanticism. He's speaking from experience"
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