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herbal folklore guide: call for collaborators

Posted: July 23 2013

Open call for drawings of medicinal plants!
For a practical compendium for natural healing practices to be compiled in a printed and bound print publication including gardens, gardeners, healing practitioners, and a wide-range of do-it-yourself guides (beer brewing, salve-crafting, tea and oil infusion, tinctures compresses).
Plant drawings will be used as a resource, so accuracy and actual likeness to specific plants is somewhat desired -- on the other hand, artistic interpretations are welcome and encouraged. Ideally, it would be great to include three separate diagrams; one of the whole plant, one for the flower and one for the root.
Each plant will be featured on a half page (8.5" x 5.5"), so drawings can be made any size, and will be scaled to fit alongside the information for each herb. If you are scanning drawings, please make sure they are at a resolution of at least 300 dpi or higher!
draw as many plants as you’d like!
visit the List of Medicinal Plants to get started!
submit drawings [email protected] by september 15th!
Contact us with questions, thoughts and ideas:
Collected by Homestead Apothecary(Oakland, CA)
based on practices of Mountain Rose Herbs  (Eugene, OR)
compiled by fema design division
an alternative knowledge base for those interested in self-care outside of the corporate-driven medical industrial complex