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help out Food is Free!

Posted: October 26 2014

For almost three years a group of enthusiastic folks in Austin, TX have been growing food and building community in their neighborhoods. They're called Food is Free and they started by building a garden bed in their front yard and putting up a sign that the food growing there was free. Now they've built hundreds of small beds in their city!
Check out this video about their history:

They're growing good food and getting other people to grow good food as well!
However, Food is Free is in trouble. Their farm and headquarters is being sold, and they've started an Indiegogo campaign to keep their land and expand their project to galvanize even more people to participate in small agriculture.
We love these guys and we want to see them to succeed!
Go HERE to donate to their great cause.
Go HERE to get an education in how to make a raised wicking garden bed from the folks at Food is Free!