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Welcome to The Fleet

Posted: November 21 2007

The Irresistible Fleet of Bicycles is the blog for The Greenhorns, a documentary film about young farmers in America. The purpose it to keep you updated on the progress of the film, to introduce you to the farmers, and to allow the filmmakers to share rants and raves on various happenings in the worlds of food + farm + films.
Bike stickerThe irresistible fleet of bicycles is a metaphor. It’s an image to help you visualize the joining. It’s the right scale for the future we’re building with The Greenhorns. It’s not a bandwagon or a steam train. There are no stations. There is no engine or caboose. It’s a critical mass of articulated cyclists. It’s a cavalcade of compassionate swerving and verving. It’s a people-powered, pedaling pop vox movement–and it is surging, swelling, rising up hills, taking over bridges, feeling the wind on your legs and your face and your hands. It’s going where we take it, it’s moving how we make it.




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