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Hawthorne Valley Farm Learning Center

Posted: August 25 2009

More on the Farm Beginnings program...
We at Hawthorne Valley Farm are excited about a new program that we will be offering beginning in October 2009, called Hudson Valley Farm Beginnings®. This program will include nine classroom sessions in on-farm goal setting, strategic and business planning, marketing, and financial management, for those interested in developing or expanding farming enterprises. Hudson Valley Farm Beginnings is farmer led and farmer taught so participants will gain access to many local and regional farmer-mentor colleagues during the classroom sessions and during four additional field days at local, sustainably managed farms. After completing a fully articulated and written business plan, participants will be able to have the plan reviewed by a farmer-mentor of their choosing.
We are in active collaboration with other farming and conservancy groups in order to bring apprentices, farmers, landowners and entrepreneurs together to help them all work toward making their agricultural dreams a reality. Hudson Valley Farm Beginnings is a step in this direction. This course is based on curricula developed by the Land Stewardship Project and Angelic Organic’s Learning Center, programs which have graduated over 500 farm entrepreneurs in past years.
Download this brochure for more information: HV Farm