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Green(point) your thumb this Sunday at the Rooftop Farm

Posted: May 30 2009

Here's the latest from rooftop farmers Annie Novak & Ben Flanner...


Thank you to all who keep coming out to help out at the Rooftop Farm! You--and our newly transplanted tomato, pepper and zinnia plans--are fantastic.
* Farm with us! We'll be on the roof this Sunday (may 31) and Monday (june 1), from 8am-6pm. You, your friends, and your compost are welcome. Call to come up.
* Grow with us! Please join us on Sunday at 2pm for a workshop on apartment-based gardening. This will include a walk-through of our roof and crops, chosing the right plants for your apartment, and troubleshooting. This workshop is free of charge. We can all make NYC greener, our food systems healthier, and our thumbs greener!
* Read about us! This made our moms proud, and also supports an organization we like: http://brooklynfoodconference.org/2009/05/ben-flanner-annie-novak-rooftop-farmers/
We'll see you soon!
Annie Novak and Ben Flanner
(224.723.4202 or 608.215.028)
Rooftop Farm
44 Eagle Street