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greenhorns radio: farming the NH sea coast

Posted: December 13 2016

Did you, in all of the chaos of the election, miss the 11/8 Greenhorn's Radio show with Becky Brand of Brandmoore Farm in NH? Don't worry; we've got your back. Brandmoore Farm is a diverse, organic farm with a focus on cow dairy and vegetables, and Beck speaks about diversified small-scale farming on the sea coast, farming on land-trust protected properties, and the state of New England ag.
Though we often imagine agriculture in flat land-locked expanses of land, farmers all and down the coasts are doing innovative work to bring local food to people in urban coastal areas. To this end, Sea Coast Eat Local is a gem of a resource for producers and consumers alike, connecting people to farms and markets in their area.
You can learn more about Brandmoore Farm and their recent projects on their recent Kickstarter page where they successfully funded a new cheese room for their farm. Congratulations, Becky!