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greenhorns press roundup

Posted: May 31 2012

Wow! That's a lot of articles.
The Value of Our Produce
by Ben James
The Greenhorns new book, "Greenhorns: 50 Dispatches From the New Farmers' Movement," got ANOTHER excerpt in The Atlantic! This one from Ben James of Town Farm in Northampton, MA.
Lowcountry Local First takes another giant step in incubating the local food movement4.4.12
by Dan Conover"They'd love to have rural applicants who grew up farming, she says. The difference is, Seibert has to recruit those applicants, while the type of applicants who identify personally with the young farmers from The Greenhorns — an independently produced and distributed 2009 documentary about America's back-to-the-land renaissance — tend to recruit themselves."
The Dirt on Gardening4.4.12
by Elizabeth Folwell"'FarmHack seeks to solve problems by helping our community of farmers to be better inventors, developing tools that fit the scale and their ethics of our sustainable family farms,' says Greenhorns founder Severine von Tscharner Fleming."
The Physicality of Farming4.4.12
by Jeff FisherRead an excerpt from our new book "Greenhorns: 50 Dispatches From the New Farmers' Movement"! This essay was written by Jeff Fisher ofCure Organic Farm in Boulder, Colorado.
Warby Parker Citizen's Circus at SXSW3.13.12
The Greenhorns got a shout-out on a local Austin TV station during SXSW from Warby Parker of the Citizen's Circus!
R.I. Farms Get Hacked3.14.12
by Dave Fisher"For many generations, small farmers have created their own tools and solutions and have shared them through word of mouth and organizations like the Grange network, but the digital age has given our nation’s growers and raisers a much larger and more immediate network to work within."
Shortstack: Greenhorns2.27.12
by Cynthia SalaysayOur first BOOK REVIEW: "I would be surprised if people didn’t come away from this book with a deeper appreciation and respect for farming, because the people that practice it seem like green-thumbed MacGyvers with the endurance of Sisyphus. In tale after tale, they show resolve, adaptability, and skill, as they deal with the challenges set against them."
America's Greenhorns2.21.12
by Matthew Cawood"As Australia bleeds youth from its farming sector, the opposite is happening in the United States."
The Greenhorns: Young Farmers Unite2.20.12
by Jaclyn Elnis"'Come help set up young farmers mixers, and stop kidding yourself. YOU WANT TO FARM TOO!'"
From Film to Action, Greenhorns Org. Inspires Young People to Farm for Sustainable Future2.7.12
by Kelly Hatton"'Sustainable agriculture must be the foundation of the new economy, an economy that we must build for ourselves. Fixing America is all of our jobs right now, and farming is a logical place to start,' she said."
Young Urban Farmers Provide Reasons To Believe There Is A Future In AgricultureJanuary 2012
by Jim Gerrish"These young people are up to their elbows in working with the land and livestock and they're excited about it. Severine's presentation at Quivira may have been the best I have ever seen at any conference anywhere in the world."
Seeds For Young Farmers1.27.12
by Brie Mazurek"But despite the challenges he’s encountered along the way, Kuhn loves what he does. 'Being able to wake up on the farm is incredible,' he says. 'And it’s rewarding to go to the farmers market and meet the people who are going to be eating my food.'"
Setting the Standard1.18.12
by Cassie HarwoodCoverage of our Seed Circus collaboration at The Oakland Museum last summer, which aimed "to merge the urban environment with the natural world through thematic, hands-on demonstrations and discussions, and part of a broader effort by museum curators to attract a younger, hipper crowd."
In Occupy Wall Street, Some Small Farmers Find a Natural Ally12.20.11
by Nelson Harvey"'A lot of us have gotten involved in agriculture because we see it as a kind of activism where you are walking your talk,' she said. 'Farmers have economic self-determination, which is what Occupy Wall Street protestors want.'”
Sow seeds, not greed: Farmers gather on Wall Street12.6.11
by Kerry Trueman"Don't tell these folks to get a job; the majority of small family farmers have to hold down at least two jobs just to make ends meet or get health care."
Documenting Young and Passionate New FarmersNovember 2011
by Bruce Boyers"It’s about building a strong community so that the people who are entering agriculture feel supported, know what the next steps are, and have a sense of what to expect. They can become a part of the gossip, the flirtation and the eating—the culture of farming—and they’re not all alone.”
Friend of a farmer: Why small-scale ag needs community11.23.11
by Steph Larsen"Even those of us who lean towards fierce independence want to know we're not alone."
Ten Ways to Have a More Thoughtful Thanksgiving11.22.11
by Meredith Melling BurkeSee number 8 in Vogue's online slideshow for building community with The Greenhorns.
Growing a new crop of farmers11.20.11
by Candace Krebs"'It’s an ancient thing to do. Why not?' she said. 'Life has gotten too easy. The cool thing now is to do something hard.'"
Newbie Farmers Find That Dirt Isn't Cheap11.15.11
by Dan Charles"Yet the most striking aspect of the survey may simply be that so many young people with little experience in farming are willing to try it."
The Greenhorns: Young Farmers Unite11.15.11
by Chris Peterson"'With the new National Young Farmers’ Coalition, we have advocacy in Washington! Every time I think about that, I get so excited. There are actually people in DC representing my needs as a young farmer...'"
Young Farmers Find Huge Obstacles to Getting Started11.12.11
by Isolde Raftery"Ms. Shute said she hoped that the survey results, released on Wednesday, would demonstrate to the United States Department of Agriculture and to Congress that young farmers, although passionate, have needs that must be addressed."
The New AgrariansAutumn 2011
by Rich PomerantzCheck out page 72 of the premiere issue of Leaf Magazine for an article feature Severine and fellow greenhorns!
Fresh Sheet: Younger farmers use social media to raise awareness11.9.11
by Chris Peterson"As some of the 99 percent demonstrate against the wealthy 1 percent, there’s another 1 percent who deserve our attention. That 1 percent is roughly the percentage of the population key to the survival of all of us: farmers."
New Film Documents Newest Generation of Farmers10.26.11
by Hanna Raskin"'Kids who are born on conventional farms are our strongest allies," she says. "They have the land, they can move us forward.'"
Spirit of the Young Farmer10.14.11
by Kate Hormel"See them not simply as farmers, but as eco-system managers and game changers. As Severine aptly put it, 'Don’t pity us: join us.'"
Young Farmers: Anybody want to be a serf?10.3.11
by Erik Curren"'A growing segment of people don’t want to just buy organic, healthy food. They want to grow it. This new lust to farm seems to cross class, race, and politics.'"
'Greenhorns:' A New Kind Of Farmer, A New Kind Of Farm9.28.11
by Adam RaguseaListen to an interview with Severine and fellow greenhorn farmer Chris Yoder of Vanguarden Farm on 90.9 WBUR Boston.
Why Are Young, Educated Americans Going Back To The Farm?9.27.11
by Nelson Harvey"'When you have [a liberal arts] education, you get to a point where you realize wait, I need to have a more basic fundamental education about being human. Food, water, shelter…these things are important,' she said."
New kind of young farmers taking root9.27.11
by Addie Broyles"In this hyperconnected world, farmers are relying on one another for support, guidance and inspiration both online and offline."
Young farmers report enthusiasm9.22.11
by Steve Brown"The 'busy-ness' of the growing season and harvest has scarcely slowed the momentum of the young farmers movement known as the Greenhorns."
The Heart of the North Country9.19.11An interview with Severine on 99 Hits FM promoting a Greenhorns screening at the Roxy in Potsdam for part of the Local Living Festival.
Farm and Foodshed Report8.15.11
Hosted by Robin CarpenterSeverine was interviewed by West Marin Community Radio's (KWMR) Farm and Foodshed Report. Scroll down to the MP3 from 2011-08-15 to hear it!
Back to the Land!8.11
From Alex Smith"Get back to where you once belonged. Get your hands dirty, with this week's grow-op on Radio Ecoshock. We'll hear from the young farmers movement, with film maker and dirt farmer Severine von Tscharner Fleming of Greenhorn Radio."
The Down and Dirty Movement to Reinvent Farming8.13.11"Declining food quality, degraded farmland, an aging population of farmers, and an increasingly tight hold on food production by corporations have inspired a growing movement."
Weekend Movie Forecast8.5.11
by Robert Horan"The documentary project is but one branch of the Greenhorns non-profit, which seeks to support young farmers through fundraising, grant-giving, and educational workshops, lectures, and teach-ins."
Filmmakers Head to the Country, in Several Countries8.4.11
by Mike Hale"For better or worse, it represents a conception of agriculture that’s partly about economics and ecology, and partly about locavore cooking and all-around good taste."
Crop Mob Answers Internet Call: Young farmers' online network helps move pile of manure8.4.11
by Steve Brown"It may have been social media that brought the crop mob together, but it was dirty and sweaty work that kept the conversations flowing."
Farmers Are the New Artists, and They Also Make Great Kimchi7.22.11
by Jessie Cacciola"To be a successful smaller, sustainable farmer these days one must be creative and see the added-value of knowing not only how to grow greens and raise livestock, but also how to make sought-after cheese and pickles and charcuterie. In other words, be an artist."
The Greenhorns: Young Farmers to Rule the World7.13.11
by Edith ZimmermanPress for the Brooklyn premiere of the film: "It's only about 50 minutes long and will make you want to become a farmer, date a farmer, or buy an adorable farm-themed poster from their Etsy shop. Or all that in reverse."
A new generation of farmers: Greenhorns aim for organic, locally made agriculture7.3.11
by Bruce RowlandJohn Bingham, a volunteer with the Whallonsburg Grange, said, "I think it's vital for the community to establish food security through local farmers," he said. "The young people have the vision and the desire and need all the support and encouragement we can give them."
Aspiring and veteran farmers gather to network, socialize6.21.11
with Todd MoeNorth Country Public Radio's Todd Moe interviewed Severine about plans for the Essex Midsummer Mixer.
The Greenhorns: New local food film screens in Stone Ridge and Andes6.15.11
by Lissa HarrisPress for local screenings in the Hudson Valley.
Brattleboro ReformerThe Strolling of the Heifers in Brattleboro, VT held their first annual film festival and The Greenhorns won the Grand Prize!
Greenhorns: A Growing NetworkSummer 2011
by Severine von Tscharner Fleming"At each Greenhorns screening dozens of hands pop up, strong confident voices pipe up, and earnest and thoughtful analysis comes from both graduating seniors and underclassmen. It seems like for every young farmer age 30, tenfold are aspiring young farmers age 20."
The Valley TableSummer 2011Two articles in the summer issue of the Valley Table mention Greenhorns! Check out "Starting Out: Farm Beginnings" and "City Farmers, Urban Agriculture" in this online copy of the magazine.
No Land to Lease6.7.11
by Sarah LaskowNew farmers inspired by the local and organic food movements can't find the real estate. But our friends Luke and Cara at Quincy Farm used their ninja tricks to make it happen!
Care2 make a difference5.30.11
by Judi Gerber"While it is inevitable that our older farmers like my friend Tom will be gone, farming doesn’t have to be."
'The Greenhorns': New Documentary Digs Into the Growing World of Young Farmers5.20.11
by Sarah Laskow"They may be from all over, but there are characteristics they have in common: they work hard, and they believe the work they are doing will change the country's food system for the better."
App Exclusive: 50 women game-changers5.19.11
by Kelly SenyeiFifty women game changers in food includes Severine!
Our Hero: Severine von Tscharner Fleming of The Greenhorns5.12.11
by Jennifer Bunin"I think the actual practice and the direct contact with the earth is similarly about taking kind of a metaphorical stand, and saying, 'I’m going to practice with my life a set of relationships with the farm organism that I manage, with the community that I inhabit, with the land and the water and the air and the people around me' is in harmony with a future that I would like to see."
New Museum Street Fest: Farm Functionality meets Agrarian Celebration5.5.11"The workshop-sized, quilt-like tent is meant to house young farmer scheming, socializing, and a future rich with farm revelry."
Life On The Farm Attracts Green-Spirited Entrepreneurs4.26.11
by Rob ReutemanNational press for the National Young Farmers' Coalition.
No Farms, No Food: A Visit to Albany4.3.11
by Sonya Gropman"Hopefully, our presence and the message we brought about land preservation impacted the awareness and decision making of many legislators in Albany. And not just for this fiscal year, but for the long term – because once land has been developed, it will not be available for farming for a long, long time – if ever."
Project Native Film Festival Celebrates 10 Years3.28.11
by Nichole Dupont"'A lot of people my age are interested in living the change,' said the 29-year-old. 'There's not a lot of pop cultural space for farmers these days. We need to understand that there's a lot of us and knowing our collective momentum is a big part of having that confidence.'"
Green but keen3.26.10
by Simon WebsterThe Greenhorns has a growing following in Australia!
A Mad Scientist's 50 Tools for Sustainable Communities3.23.11
by Leah Messinger"'Marcin is a mad scientist'": great coverage on how Open Source Ecology is helping new farmers retrofit outdated equipment, tools, and machinery.
Food: Six Things to Feel Good About3.22.11
by Mark BittmanGreenhorns got a shout-out in the Opinionator section of the New York Times online about farming becoming hip!
Farmhack MIT3.17.11
by Matthew Kihm"Farmhack is an effort to pair designers, engineers, business people, and others with farmers, in order to increase efficient production and distribution or generate new ideas to help today’s farmers."
The New American Farming Movement, and Why It's Here to Stay3.13.11
by Marison Pierce-Quinonez and Jeff Hake"And this may be the most fundamental reason why more young people are embracing agrarianism: pride in work. Today’s new generation of farmers embraces this pride as readily as the previous one. More than that, they are quietly leading the way to a healthier, stronger and more prosperous global food system."
New West Food and Agriculture“'I think people are ready to look at careers and their lives in ways that they didn’t used to,' says the Greenhorns’ founder, 'and that has a lot to do with the economic downturn. It’s a new ballgame. The conditions are ripe right now for people with ambition and who are looking broadly at the world we live in, and agriculture can be a wonderful fit for them.'”
Let's rediscover the spirit of the Diggers3.12.11
by Ian Fitzpatrick"When Gerrard Winstanley and 14 fellow Diggers declared, in April 1649, that "England is not a Free People, till the Poor that have no Land, have a free allowance to dig and labour the Commons", little could they have known how poignant their message would still be more than 350 years later."
New Hampshire Public RadioThese Greenhorns are Proud to be Green...
25 Reasons Country is Chis Right NowWinter 2011"We've never doubted country's cool quotient, but suddenly everybody else seems to have gotten the memo, from hip designers to famous chefs. So we figured it was high time to salute the people, places, and products redefining rustic today."
CFC, CAP and CLC team up to present third annual Farm Film Fest12.1.10
by Paul CrossmanPress for a Greenhorns screening at the Farm Film Fest.
The Conscientious Carnivore: Understanding Animal SlaughterDecember 2010
by Kate Sekules"'In a sustainable food operation, you're mixing it up. Dollar-to-the-pound, chickens are more profitable than kale or parsnips. Having pigs around also makes a lot of sense—they're garbage disposals, they're incredibly charismatic and they provide a lot of bacon. Get somebody hooked on your bacon and it pays your food bills all winter. And manure—I cannot overemphasize how important manure is. Everyone knows poop is where it's at.'"
Young Farmers11.1.10
by Marcie Sillman"The average age of the American farmer is 57, and getting older. Who will grow our food when this generation passes on?"
Sacramento Bee""It can be very lonely as a farmer, and to feel a part of something larger than yourself makes it worth it," said Ryan Montgomery..."
Santa Cruz Sentinel""It's a really powerful and fascinating world to be involved in," said Jessica Beckett, a UC Davis graduate student and "market gardener" who toils part-time in a 1-acre parcel on Ocean Street Extension in Santa Cruz. "It's a cultural movement.""
The Greenhorns: Next generation agriculturalistsOct 2010
by Amanda Kimble-EvansAn interview with Severine highlighting the Greenhorns Kickstarter campaign. Join the campaign here: National Campaign for Young Farmers
Keeping Agriculture Alive Near New York City (Yes, Really)10.17.10
by Peter ApplebomeGreat coverage of our Hudson Valley Greenhorn farmers and mention of the National Young Farmer Coalition.
Greenhorns: Serve Your Country Food10.16.10
by Cathy Tuttle"Bubbling with health and enthusiasm – our local young farmers are embracing and re-inventing a healthy local food system as a way of taking back control of the world."
Youth eager to till earth10.14.10
EditorialAn excellent editorial from Capital Press welcoming the Greenhorns: "So, young friends, welcome. We're tickled that you have joined in the most important profession in the world -- growing the food and fiber that feed and clothe us all."
Young farmers grow a movement10.7.10
by Steve Brown"'When I first heard about Greenhorns, I jumped in and wanted to be part of it,' Briggs said. 'We have power to make things happen, to make changes in our community.'"
Sacramento Bee""We're committed to helping people connect to nature and this food system," said Craig McNamara... "It's critical this next generation get it, or we'll lose it.""
Farming 2.0: Young farmers use sustainable methods and social networks for a new kind of nationwide harvest10.7.10
by Amber CortesClick the link and scroll down to listen to the story "Farming 2.0: Young farmers use sustainable methods and social networks for a new kind of nationwide harvest" and hear Severine and fellow Greenhorn Chandler Briggs talk about what young farmers want.
Plotting a Revolution
by Cienna Madrid"'We don't want our food coming from China,' Briggs says. 'We want to know our customers, and we want them to know us.'"
New Hampshire Public Radio"They are young, educated, optimistic, and concerned with the connections between food, access, the environment, social justice, and each other. And they are flocking to fill the rubber boots left empty on American farmland."
Farming's Future6.18.10
by Matt Villano"It's about growing food responsibly, using the Earth sustainably and giving back whenever possible. It truly is a way of life."
Aging Farmers Open Door for Next Generation of Sustainable Producers6.14.10
by Lesley Lammers"It's tempting to paint a rosy picture, but the obstacles young farmers face must be recognized if they are going to make any headway in creating a new agricultural landscape for America."
My Midwest (Midwest Airlines Mag)"I had an instinct that these strong, brave, really motivated people were particularly potent protagonists for a sustainable American Landscape."
Meet a young farmer leading a greenhorn 'guerilla' movement3.23.10
by Erik Hoffner"Our agricultural system has become broken to the point where the opportunity to serve in uniform is more promising than the opportunity to serve your country food."
Number of farms in state grows, report finds
by Maureen O'Hagan"It's getting harder and harder for newcomers to buy land--and increasingly enticing for farmers to sell to developers."
Crock-Pots, Deviled Eggs, and an Irving Penn Photobooth at the Slideluck Potshow11.16.09
by Elizabeth Thompson"'Most people only have relationships with plants they can smoke.'"
40 farmers under 407.21.09
by Matt Hickman"Meet the new crop of American farmers -- young and energetic idealists who are bringing local, sustainable food back to the table."
On tiny plots, a new generation of farmers emerges7.14.09
by Elizabeth WeiseLots of our great Greenhorns are featured in this article on the emergence of young farmers in America.
Mysterious Brooklyn Pharmacy to Host Goat Roast, More6.9.09
by Hugh Merwin“'Patrick (Kiley) opened the door and helped get this going,' said Jake Cirell. 'The Greenhorns party will hopefully lead to other things.'"
Local Food, Local Broadcast
by Oliver Schwaner-AlbrghtA note in the New York Times' Diner's Journal about Heritage Radio Network and Greenhorn Radio!
Next Spring, Get a Real Tan -- A Farmer Tan4.17.09
by Zoe BradburyOur own Greenhorn extraordinaire Zoe Bradbury, covers the difficulties of being a newbie farmer, how to break into the system, and the best ways to advocate for additional resources to cultivate new (young) people into the world of greenthumb-ing. She pushes for a Pea/Farmer Corps program and we wholeheartedly agree! Amen. Learn more about our farmer, freelance writer, food and society policy fellow, and most of all, friend, here.
The young and the landless: the trials of farming4.6.09
by Twilight Greenaway"Their faces are sun-worn, the dirt under their fingernails is visible on camera, and they look like they've stopped between sweat-inducing tasks to share agricultural secrets with the audience."
Farmers' Markets Today Magazine [PDF]The Greenhorns Guide for Beginning Farmers is profiled in the March/April issue of the ever helpful and wonderfully interesting Farmers' Markets Today magazine. Be sure to check out this insightful resource on how to cultivate direct-to-customer relationship management.
Grow Your Own2.26.09
by Elizabeth Hart"The 20th Century “American Gothic” image of stern, aging farmers has faded and a new icon has risen: Greenhorns are vibrant, self-made, often first-generation farmers who have chosen a lifestyle that flies in the face of what is generally expected of America’s young adults."
Farmers + Fashionistas2.20.09
by Kerry TruemanMore coverage of the John Patrick Organic fashion show as well as Severine, The Greenhorns and all its projects (Serve Your Country Food,Greenhorns Guide, etc.). The article also talks about The Hudson Valley Seed Library.
All Organic2.17.09
by Maya SingerDesigner John Patrick's Organic Fall 2009 presentation partnered with a coalition of upstate farmers (including Severine/The Greenhorns) to sell their wares bake sale-style at the event, with a serving of food policy on the side.

Review: The Greenhorns’ Guide for Beginning Farmers2.5.09
by Greg BowmanMr. Bowman writes about the recent release of the Greenhorns Guidebook, saying it is "the working draft of a field guide to existing resources, and the foundation for farmer contributions that will be combined into a book that will catalyze, inspire and empower young people (and others) who have an unquenchable passion to figure out how to become sustainable agriculturists in the post-capitalist, post-oil and post-commodity era."
Whoa. Couldn't have said it any better!
Picking up the Ploughshare1.21.09
by Ben Jervey"There are, right now, more Americans behind bars than there are working our nation's farms and fields."
City Pickers12.11.08
by Daniel GritzerTimeOut New York examines the movement of city dwellers attempt to reestablish links to the food they eat. The article details how back-to-the-land movements have happened before, but this is different: instead of fleeing to rural areas, many New Yorkers are bringing the land back to the city.

Young farmers planting the seeds of a renaissance11.27.08
by James O'BrienA profile of friend of The Greenhorns, Christy Raymond, proud farmer/owner of White Barn in Wrentham, MA. The article describes how Christy and other young farmers like her, are a part of a resurgent movement, revitalizing the relationship between growers and buyers.
Serve Your Country Food young farmers group11.7.08
by David PescovitzBoingBoing discusses Serve Your Country Food and walks through the process of creating data maps to find opportunities and challenges for young farmers. They even want to start a vegetable garden now!
Food FightersnytimesThe New York Times Magazine featured Severine and the Greenhorns in its October 10th edition titled, "Food Fights." Severine can be seen with other young leaders who are changing the way we eat (and drink) in an online photo slideshow. Listen to the audiocast and see pictures of her and four other food leaders talking about the eating habits that fuel their professional pursuits. This includes a look insider her fridge...mmm, jam!
The magazine talks about the Greenhorns documentary and Serve Your Country Food and includes the much ballyhooed about "Farmer in Chief" article by Michael Pollan.
Meet, Greet, and Eat8.29.08
by Jeanne Hodesh"'On the agenda tonight is first the enjoyment of food, then the swapping of seeds.'"
The fresh, young face of farming8.11.08
by The Gazette"'All of our friends are young farmers,' he says. 'It's a strong and vibrant movement. In some cases it's people who grew up on a farm, but more often it's people who don't come from the country and who see small-scale organic farming as a way to pursue their dreams.'"
Homegrown Blog4.10.08"We had a delightful visit from Severine from The Greenhorns yesterday. We dug into a fresh blueberry peach pie while she told us about the many interesting projects she's involved in - including getting The Greenhorns movie produced and distributed. Her passion for getting young farmers hooked up with each other is wonderfully infectious - you go, Severine, we're big fans!"
Why Work for the Pharm(aceutical Industry) When You Can Work for the Actual Farm?3.19.08
by Cecily Upton"Begin to negotiate the terms of a new interaction with place, with the community relations that inform sensitive stewardship, begin a conversation with the next generation, share what you know, and nurture their fierce idealism with a piece of land to practice it upon."
Leaving Behind the Trucker Hat3.16.08
by Allen Salkin“I never thought I wanted to farm,” Mr. Shute said. “But it feels like an honest living.”
Severine and "The Greenhorns": Sowing the Seeds of Revolution3.10.08
by Bonnie Azab Powell"Have you ever encountered an idealistic young person with such presence that you thought, Whoa — this one might actually succeed in changing the world!?"
The Greenhorns: A New Breed of American Idol?3.10.08
by Kerry Trueman"While some of us moan and groan about the unmitigated awfulness of industrial agriculture and our craptastic food chain, others are literally sowing the seeds of an agrarian revival. The idealistic young farmers and gardeners fueling this ag-revolt have been christened "The Greenhorns" by one extraordinary, exuberant young farmer/filmmaker, Severine von Tscharner Fleming, who's documenting their horticultural heroics in a film by the same name..."

Please visit the blog, The Irresistible Fleet of Bicycles, to keep up with more coverage of greenhorns and the young farming community.

Please email Severine Fleming for all press queries.

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