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greenhorns in OR, ID, WA

Posted: May 17 2010

Our pal chandler passed this along - press opportunity for young farmers!

Know any up-and-coming farmers, ranchers, or agribusiness people that would make interesting profile subjects for a story in the Capital Press?
We are looking for folks 35 and younger who work in ag-related operations in Calif., Idaho, Ore. or Wash. Send an e-mail to [email protected] with a short description of who you would recommend and why others in ag would be interested in what they are doing.
(And they later explained why they want 35 and under:, as some pointed out that many up-and-coming farmers are over 35...)
We profile people older than 35 quite a bit in the Capital Press now. And the average age of farmers is actually north of 55. This is a specific attempt to do
some stories on people who are involved in the industry who are 35 or younger.


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