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greenhorns in maine tomorrow!

Posted: January 22 2014

Thursday night( JAN 23)  for the Halcyon Grange at Blue Hill Public LIbrary, 7pm ( with potluck cookie jar) about the history and future of the Grange movement. national_grange-194x300

Severine Fleming will report her work (with Jen Griffith) on a project called Grange Future.
The Grange is the oldest Agricultural organization in the United States, its peak coincided with the golden age of family farming in the 1880s- 1920s, recruitment and action spurred by the anti-monopolist sentiments of family farmers being gauged by the unregulated Railroad empires.
For today's young farmers the grange is a kind of syllabus in community-scale organizing, regional development, cooperative economics and kinship-based policy advocacy.
Grange Future is a community history project undertaken by The Greenhorns, a young farmers network, to help interpret the both the past and future of the Grange and grange movement,not in a nostalgic or abstract way, but as an appropriate institutional format for contemporary users concerned with rebuilding our food system. 
Our slide-show and audio presentation will draw from research into the history of the grange movement, its legislative triumphs, its cultural and moral positions, the legions of farmer-owned mills, elevators, tractor manufacturing enterprises it spawned. We will look as well into the more recent history of the Grange, the controversy with California State Grange halls and the GMO labeling, and the revival across the country of farmer-driven educational, social, charitable and  political uses of Grange Halls, grange kitchens and the Grange idea.
We look forward to a spirited discussion with the audience, including some local Grange Masters about the prospects and road ahead.
Grange Future is a project of the Greenhorns, which includes visual and textual research of its history and exploration of the current grange scene. Grange Future is intended as an organizing site, with click-art, activity templates, and interpretation on using the Grange as a place of action!
hudson, new york