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great GMO policy article

Posted: April 14 2010

this comes to us from greenhorn Eric Budzynski, who has this to say:
Howdy Fellow Greenhorns!

This is a great article on GMO regulation coming from a major news outlet. Not only is this a good intro to the issues for those who have not heard much about it, but it also raises some pretty startling issues regarding the review and regulation process. For starters, they describe how the patents on Monsanto's genetic material actually legally bar their products from being studied by independent scientists. So, the information supplied to the USDA and other regulatory bodies that is used to determine if a GMO product is safe is coming right from the company that produces it. Wowza!
here is a link to the article:
Special Report: Are Regulators Dropping the Ball on Biocrops?
thanks for all the amazing work ya'll are doing!
ciao from Corvallis, OR
Eric Budzynski


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