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goat spit success + many thanks

Posted: June 22 2009

the goat spit was an utter success.
with a rugged volunteer crew of young farmers, ex-restaurant managers, underground chefs, micro-brewers, and assorted aspiring agrarians of all stripes-- we pulled off a quite phenomenal day-long event in a tiny little pharmacy in brooklyn.

that space, at the corner of henry and sackett will no doubt host much more local food and many more neighborhood celebrations.
Thankfully, thank fully the construction awning around the building gave us a perfect, rainproof pavilion for our antics.
turnout was bustling. Always lines, but never too long.
All the performances rocked: Huff this!, Band of Bicycles ( with specially composed songs) Rev. Billy and the Church of Life after Shopping ( fabulous sermon on not only 'buying local' but "making local happen' ) And the Rude Mechanical Defection Orchestra-- plus our indoor DJs and bike blended strawberry smoothies, and goat spit powered by bike, and sewn bags and garlands of flowers and silent auction and merchandise sales! yes! yes. yes.
All the rooftop garden workshops were overflowing ( beekeeping, chicken keeping, making cups out of bottles, window farming, truck farm pickup truck..) and folks even liked our new 23 minute trailer.
We'll write much much more and post the video we shot of the 4 goats we roasted on the spit, of the 90 pounds of salad that we washed and dressed and served, of the fabulous new poster series drawn by brooke budner and printed in Winston Salem.
Of the before and after photos of the Vermont Pharmacy and etc. etc. But for now we need to clean up and recover our senses.
much love from smithereen farm. Where we are bathing in leftovers and the afterglow of event management zazen.
xxx severine-- avail for interview if you want to do press about this--845 756 3124
I'm thinking next year we'll drive an Ox-cart down to the city and do a live slaughter. or maybe guinea pigs roasted in a pit in central park. In any case. More! merrier! and as much as possible.