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full moon tour with the ginger ninjas

Posted: October 1 2009

The evolution of Bicycle Music Festivals continues with three full days of jammin in Calaveras County.

The fun will begin on Friday, October 2nd at a secret location featuring a pre-party cob oven feast and percussion session. The following day, all instruments and music equipment will be transported ten miles by bicycles to Aimee's Mountain Ranch Kitchen. Local, organic food will be served for a full evening of bicycle powered music with performances by Heather Normandale of Stitchcraft, the Ginger Ninjas, and local favorites the Sultana Dancers, Clan Dyken, Alma Melodiosa, and Somer Moon. Music starts at 7:00 p.m. and will lead us melodically on well into the night. $10 admission at the door, half off if you arrive by bicycle. Special cd gift package for donations of $50 or more to support bicycle culture advocacy! Over night campers bring your sleeping gear.
Sunday morning will open at 8 a.m. with a rejuvenating movement session led by Cara Marie, followed by a scenic backroads ride to the Esperanza Community near the town of Railroad Flat for
a strawbale stucco party/art show/ human powered concert and local garden feast. Resident artists, Kern Houghton and Liz Addy Bonner will be showing some of their paintings, ceramic sculptures and functional art. More pedal powered music provided including Love Creek native Jens Jarve and Nevada County's bicycle electricity wizard and tunester Thomas Spellman. The Esparanza Community is rich in seasonal garden produce and backwoods hospitality.
We encourage festival goers to travel by bicycle with us to get the full experience.
Call (209) 754-4301 for info regarding secret location details.