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front step farm

Posted: July 12 2010

Check out this video from the Providence Journal on a new urban farming project.   |

On Westminster Street, Front Step Farm takes a step forward for green urban farming
July 6th, 2010 Nathaniel Wood has transformed a vacant city lot into an urban farm. After testing the soil for lead and nutrients, he revitalized the land with 16 cubic yards of compost and began growing vegetables in tight beds. Friends were enlisted in the effort. The garden is named "Front Step Farm" for the granite block on the edge of the sidewalk on Westminster Street, the only remnant of the former house on the site. On Thursday morning, with the help of his friend Noah Read, he harvests greens and vegetables to be sold that afternoon at the Armory Park Farmers Market . He shares space with the Little City Growers Cooperative.
and here's another little blurb about Than.