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From Dina, The Hickories

Posted: March 17 2009

I am flattered and surprised that you consider me sensible. (Especially considering tat-soiI spent most of my life up until three years ago studying poetry.) Sensible would have been to stay in my union job with my direct deposit paycheck in New York. Sensible would have been to set up a petting zoo or demonstration farm. Sensible would have been to insulate this office before moving into it full time.

But today was the annual "goose letting" so I am feeling giddy. The geese tear out of their winter barn (which is a ramshackle mess I should be ashamed of) and are half herded/ half chased by our neighbor's kid across the open fields toward the pond. They spend most of the day splashing and celebrating their freedom with great honks and shrieks and dives. It is a sight. I am reminded that so many of our cultural idioms are agricultural: watching these birds emote over their freedom and hit the pond "like a duck takes to water" was today's example. English, our culture's way of understanding the world, is rooted in farm lore - not matter how far our bodies have strayed from the farm, our language is still fixed in it. It all comes home to roost, so to speak.
I will try to call tonight. Haul ass.

The Hickories
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