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free farm stand

Posted: February 8 2011

The Free Farm Stand, an all-volunteer run project of the No Penny Opera  (a tax exempt organization) is about sharing the wealth of urban farms and gardens.
We strive to attain the following goals:
•help make locally grown, fresh and nutritious organic produce accessible to all, especially those families and individuals on low-incomes and tight budgets.
•help empower people who have the space to grow their own food and become more self-reliant.
•promote good nutrition and health
What we do:
We grow as much food as can in San Francisco and distribute it for free at our Free Farm Stand. We act as a gathering place in the Mission to encourage community growth and involvement. This effort revolves mostly around gathering surplus food from neighborhood gardens,  various farmer’s markets, community gardens, public and private fruit trees,  and hosting a space where this bounty can be shared with all. We also work with Produce to the People who harvests organic fruit from backyard fruit trees and public spaces and brings it to our Free Farm Stand.
We are also part of a small constellation of non-profit organizations in San Francisco that run The Free Farm,  an urban farm founded in January 2010. We are located on a 1/3 acre lot on a parcel loaned to us by St. Paulus Lutheran Church. We have built a farm, grown and given away in 6 months over 1,000 pounds of fresh organic produce, convened gardening and urban homesteading workshops, and hosted community, school, and religious groups.
The Free Farm Stand also acts as a community garden center where plant starts and gardening advice is given freely with the hope that surplus harvests will return to the farm stand to be shared.

san francisco, ca