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Fifth U.S. Peak Oil Conference - Last Chance for Early Registration

Posted: October 17 2008

With a new partnership, location and many novel program additions, this year’s conference promises to be an exciting and unique event that will educate and build community across a broad spectrum of experience and interest levels. To give you some extra time to make your travel plans, we have extended the early registration period through this Sunday, October 19th at 10pm. We hope you will take time this weekend to make plans to attend and invite your colleagues to join you, and thereby benefit from generous group discounts and shared travel expenses. Check the conference program and schedule, then register on-line at www.plancconference.org.

As always, the conference will provide cutting-edge information from the frontiers of peak oil and community solutions, including the following presentation and panels:
* Keynoter John Michael Greer, author of the forthcoming The Long Descent: A User’s Guide to the End of the Industrial Age 
* Keynoter Dmitry Orlov, author of Reinventing Collapse: Soviet Example and American Prospects 
* Richard Heinberg, Senior Fellow, Post Carbon Institute, author of The Party’s Over and Powerdown (via webcast) 
* Katrin Klingenberg, director of the Passive House Institute US 
* Peter Bane, editor of Permaculture Activist 
* Christopher Bedford, President of the Center for Economic Security and the Sweetwater Local Foods Market 
* John Richter, co-founder of the Institute for Sustainable Energy Education 
* Pat Murphy, author of Plan C: Community Survival Strategies for Peak Oil and Climate Change 
* Megan Quinn Bachman, Outreach Director of Community Solutions; co-producer of The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

This year’s conference will include many new activities designed to build community across lines that often divide us, including:
* a Green Living Expo of green products, services and organizations, offered free to the public and conference goers alike
* a Connections Cafe of roundtable discussions led by those who have “walked the walk” in their own lives and communities 
* tours of local sustainable projects including MI’s first sustainable restaurant, a LEED certified school, and the Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center, a model of thoughtful ecological design and renewable energy
* entertainment, shared meals and plenty of other networking and socializing opportunities

The conference is an outstanding opportunity for you to learn and to lead, to strengthen existing connection and forge new ones. It will bring together peak oil pioneers with folks just starting to appreciate the looming energy and economic crises - a microcosm of the challenges facing the sustainability movement.
Community Solutions and Upland Hills EAC are committed to making The Fifth U.S. Conference on Peak Oil and Community Solutions not only a world-class educational and networking opportunity but also a great value. We have extended early registration through this weekend, and are offering significant group discounts, with a full conference pass starting at just $100 and discounts for volunteers.
By acting now, you can significantly cut your personal household energy use and overall consumption, support more localized economic production, and reduce your dependence on high energy transportation in your daily life, and just as importantly, encourage others in the process. By doing this, you will be helping to create a more resilient and sustainable community adapted to the coming economic and ecological storms.
For more information, visit www.plancconference.org, call Upland Hills EAC at 248-693-1021 or Community Solutions at 937-767-2161 or, or email [email protected].