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fermented feasts

Posted: March 7 2010

Ferment Change is a two month long string of events that benefit City Slicker Farms in West Oakland in the months of April and May.  This event series strives to weave together fermented foods, culture, and urban agriculture through a series of skill shares, dinners, bicycle tours, workshops all culminating in 400+ strong fermented food feast and potluck at the Humanist Hall Oakland.  We encourage partners and participants to host their own events around urban agriculture and/or fermented foods to benefit City Slicker Farms or local food based groups working to create a more equitable food system. 
FERMENT CHANGE: "A fermented feast"
Our main event is hosted an the Humanist Hall in Oakland and gathers 400+ attendees for live music, skill shares, culture swaps and a fermented food feast in the form of a community potluck.  100's of homemade pickles,beers, krauts, kefirs, and more to share.  Email [email protected] to tell us what you are bringing or to get on our email list.

 Be an urban ag hero and host your own satellite to benefit City Slicker Farms, Haiti Relief, or an urban ag project in your neighborhood and we will include your event on our calendar and our website.  Check out our website at www.fermentchange.org or email [email protected] to get involved or make a suggestion.  Our next planning meeting is March 8th, email [email protected] to attend
Check them out at www.cityslickerfarms.org
LIST OF UNCONFIRMED EVENTS:  for April and May- check calender next week for confirmed events and dates
Ferment Change, a fermented feast at the Humanist Hall
Tour De Ferment, a homebrewers/distillers tour and tasting on bicycle throughout the east bay
Ferment Skill Share- Five skill shares, one space.  Sourdough, Kim Chi, Kombucha, Kraut and more- A free event
Bring yo Motha- a culture swap
Sit down fermented foods dinner w/ keynote speaker and presentation on CSF
A bicycle tour of CSF's West Oakland Gardens and stops at select backyard gardeners' homes
and much more check out the calendar at www.fermentchange.org next week for more info
DONATE YOUR SPACE - We are looking to have nice sit down dinner to raise some serious funds for City Slicker Farms.  We are looking for a space that can hold 50-75 people for a sit down bourgeois dinner with a TBA guest speaker on urban ag and food.  Do you have a space to lend?  Let us know at [email protected]
Thank you,
Ferment Change Planning Committee and City Slicker Farms