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featured resources: enterprise budgets and a farmhack shop!

Posted: December 2 2013

First, Ethan shares over 1,000 enterprise budgets!  Read his piece, "The Power of Enterprise Budgets: Permaculture, garlicHolistic Management, and Financial Planning". At the end, he's got this treasure trove: "In order to support the ongoing development of ecological agriculture, I’m making available to you all the all the enterprise budgets I have collected in the last 2 years – more than 1090 of them. I ask only that you keep seeking and creating out new budgets to add to the collection – especially ones that use real data from small-scale organic and permaculture operations. Download ‘em here – careful, this is a 130mb file."
Second, and brand spankin' new, Farm Hack's Open Shops! You have to check it out. Dozens of amazing hacks with how-to's, plans, photos, etc.   The garlic clove separator, pictured here, among them.

hudson, new york