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farmland for rent, western colorado

Posted: February 20 2012

This special land needs to be used and nurtured.  If there is someone who wants to grow organically and needs land on which to do it, this is a golden opportunity in a very special rural place a half hour from the nearest town.
Wanted:  a self-motivated couple, partners, or independent singles to rent farmland in western Colorado for growing organic food and/or animals for the growing season 2012 (May-October)
Where:   46 acres of floodplain straddling the Dolores River on the western slope of Colorado (almost on Utah line) Just off st route 90.Gorgeous rural Paradox Valley.
What is included/available:
3 acre fenced garden area near river, 3-acre area for animals (needs fence repair); ½ acre-foot waterright; 40 acres fenced for restoration of cottonwood grove (another 50 acres is leased for pasture to neighbors); small barn—cement floor, 3 bays and loft;  RV trailer available for summer residency, or tipi (needs poles); local phone service & electric available; solardomestic water pump; pumphouse; chicken coop needs repair; good rototiller; pump for pulling irrigation water from river; insured with Farm Bureau.
Terms:  to be arranged
Asking rent of $400/month or less with sharecropping arrangements
Have contacts with 3-5 regional farmers’ markets in Utah and Colorado, plus CSA opportunities.
CONTACT:  Martha Burgess, PO Box 87704, Tucson AZ 85754
Or email [email protected], or phone 520.907.9471

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