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farming on the frontier

Posted: December 21 2016

ipiutaqsalebeachfields4Each farmer seems to have a different take on winter. Some see it as welcome reprieve and time to take a load off, others as an interruption. If you are part of the former group, that is to say you light up at the thought of cozying up to a fire with the latest copy of the New Farmers Almanac,  then here's an interesting opportunity: Ipiatuq Guest farm is for sale. What makes this place so special? Well, for starters, it's in Greenland!

From the listing:

Ipiutaq guest farm is a traditional sheep farm that, from 2005, has been renovated, developed, modernized and run as a guest farm by a French-Greenlandic family. Since 2007, guests have enjoyed exploring the amazing surroundings, hiking and fishing while staying at the charming and cosy guesthouse.
Today, the property is used in combination, for sheep farming with a flock of 300 sheep and for tourist activities including a guesthouse accommodating 6-8 people and a sport fishing concession on Ilua river and lake, one of the best places for arctic char fishing in South Greenland.

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