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farmers needed, new york

Posted: February 16 2012
I would like to get out the word that there is an organic farm at the Abode of the Message in New Lebanon, NY  which is in need of a farmer or farmers this year.  The Abode is a Sufi spiritual retreat center.
The Abode directors believe that for financial reasons they can't support a farm this year, but several of us are meeting to see if we can come up with a financial plan to enable the farm to continue.  We would like help, especially from young farmers with enthusiasm and hopefully some experience.  The land is really good, and there's plenty of it.  Possibilities are endless.  And there is a guaranteed market for the harvest which is the people who live at the Abode and who come for their programs during the summer.  That is a huge security that most other farms don't have - we can sell everything we grow, without even taking it to market, as long as we grow what they want to eat.
If you are interested in checking it out or becoming involved, please contact Sara at [email protected], one of the assistant farmers.
Sara Jobin
new lebanon, new york