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farmer resources for covid-19 response

Posted: April 30 2020

Thank you to our friends at the Savanna Institute for their latest e-letter with generous resources for farmers amidst the unfolding effects of covid-19.

The Savanna Institute offers a wide variety of recorded webinars and farm tours on their YouTube channel, as well as additional print materials and fact sheets on the website.

Additional resources include:
ATTRA - NCAT: COVID-19 Resource List
Farm Commons: 8 part COVID-19 podcast series
MOSES: COVID-19 Resources for Farmers
UW-Madison Division of Extension: Managing a farm during COVID-19

Additionally, check out the Kiss the Ground Farmland Program -- which funds training, soil testing, and consulting time for producers. The spring scholarship application period for California and Minnesota residents is OPEN through April 30, applicants notified by May 31, 2020.

The next scholarship application period for all US residents will open August 31, 2020. Please email [email protected] with any questions.