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farm manager wanted

Posted: February 9 2011

The Guemes and Fidalgo Islands Staple Foods Project is setting up a CSA whose goal is helping transition our community to a less energy intensive future. Our focus this season will be on growing staple crops such as small grains,dry beans, garlic, onions, corn and potatoes. We need a farm manager who will be responsible for the physical work of planting, maintenance and harvesting and be responsible for the day to day farm operations. This person will work closely with the project director in setting up planting plans and determining needs for extra labor. There are opportunities for the farm manager to market some specialty crops in exchange for a percentage of the sales. We are starting out with less than 2 acres and should be selling memberships by late winter 2011. The right person for the job will have experience in and be committed to organic methods and permaculture. Enthusiasm is important. This is a unique opportunity to get in on the beginnings of a project that is changing our food system from the bottom up. Call Sequoia (Susan) Ferrel for more information, or email her at ; [email protected].
Sponsoring organization and farm site:  http://www.madronacenter.org/
Ag: http://www.madronacenter.org/FINAL_WEB_PAGE__2/AG_2.html (Uprising Organics has started their own seed company)
We are currently working with Slow Food Skagit River Salish Sea: http://www.slowfoodskagit.org/Slow_Food_Skagit/Welcome.html
Washington State University Mt Vernon Research Station:    http://mtvernon.wsu.edu/
And the local Coop: http://www.skagitfoodcoop.com/

fidalgo islands, wa