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farm for lease - limestone TN

Posted: December 13 2011

Here's a note from Landowner Heather Halsey - this is a wonderful opportunity for the right greenhorn!

I have a 100 acre farm - Second Chance Farm in Limestone, TN - that I am no longer working.  I have a new job with a land trust organization in Maine (where I am from).  I would be interested in leasing it to a young farmer in need of a farm (preferably a 2-3 year lease, with a 1 year trial period) or some other arrangement. I would like to sell this farm, and am open to suggestions to make it possible for a young farmer including selling the house+11 acres, and leasing the remaining acreage, or vice versa. The farm is in an area popular for retirement homes for Floridians, but is still primarily  farmland. 

I am open to many ventures so long as they can essentially comply with NOP rules, and will not degrade but will instead improve the soil and ecosystem. I will not allow GM crops or heavy tillage. The farm land has been under the Certified Naturally  Grown program, an independent farmer-run certification - that follows the same rules as NOP but is more affordable and is not run by the government.  No prohibited substances have been used since I purchased in 2005.The land is beautiful gentle rolling fields along a valley with 60 acres open and 40 forested.  Some hillside more appropriate for grazing, but there are 2x 15-20 acre fields that make nice horse hay and I would like them to be kept baled. We usually cut 2 times. The garden area is approximately 2 acres, and is expandable, with excellent soil in 1 acre (for Tennessee, anyway) - though weeds may be a bit of a challenge - and good soil in the rest.  The garden has an unfinished 20x40 foot hoop house that is negotiable but needs to be finished.  There is city water to the growing area, a small tool shed, and a large haybarn in need of repair.  The perimeter fencing of the farm is not solid and if an animal venture were desired would need to be replaced.
The property lease could include a nice 2-bedroom house that is very energy efficient with a small wood stove, a greenhouse that can be heated, fenced pasture with a run in shed, and frost free water. There's also a small off grid (no amenities) cabin with a loft, stained glass windows, and a cherry floor in the center of the property that is negotiable as part of the lease.

The offer does not include farm equipment.

We have established good relationship with local markets including Jonesborough Farmers Market and several small chef run restaurants. This would be a good farm for a mixed animal/vegetable-based business because of the plentiful pasture.  It has the added benefit of being just beautiful, and very private.

For more information, including photos, soil tests, and maps, contact Heather Halsey at [email protected], or call 207-706-6209.
You can also view the  MLS Listing # 309920
limestone, TN


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