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Exploratorium's "Observing" Exhibit

Posted: February 9 2009

For the San Franciscans among you...
Dear Friends,
Please join us for the event below on February 12, 2009, observing the closing of our exhibit called "Shorelines and Timelines" at the Exploratorium. The exhibit went public Tuesday, January 27, and will close February 15. We are very pleased to be part of the Observing show, one unit of the Exploratorium's long-running landscape-based project Invisible Dynamics: The Science of a Sense of Place. "Shorelines and Timelines" is a two-channel video installation running simultaneous (but asynchronous) 7-minute loops, one of maps and still and moving images edited together; the other an edited sequence of text extracts pulled from historic and contemporary documents. Each in its way traces the history of the landscape of the northern San Francisco shoreline between Fort Point and Fort Mason; "Shorelines" moves west to east across the landscape while "Timelines" moves chronologically. The two screens are accompanied by six drawers of documents presenting layered evidence of landscape change in the area.