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do you use ATTRA?

Posted: July 25 2011

If so, consider kicking in with a subscription to help them stay afloat.  

You are probably aware that our national sustainable agriculture information service, also known as the ATTRA project, was cut from the federal budget for fiscal 2011 as part of the budget reductions going on in Congress. Despite the elimination of federal funding for the project, we have maintained basic project services for farmers, growers and others interested in sustainable agriculture practices. 
We are now at the point that we must find other revenue sources to help cover operating expenses for the ATTRA project. After exploring our options, we have decided to charge modest fees for some of our publications. We hope we will be able to generate the income needed to retain our current staff so we can still provide the highest-quality service in addressing sustainable agriculture challenges.

That means effective Monday , July 18, we will begin charging fees to access some of our research products that we have developed over the years. Most of our website will still be free but we will now be charging for some of our publications.
We are offering two options for ATTRA website users who wish to access and/or download copies of our publications. First, users can purchase an annual subscription to our ATTRA publications, which would give an individual full access to all of the more than 300 technical publications developed by our staff for a year.  The annual publication subscription fee is $50 or slightly less than $1 dollar a week.
For users who don't want an annual publication subscription, NCAT is also offering the option to purchase individual publications, either in electronic or print format, via the ATTRA website.  Some publications will remain free but our more complex and longer publications will range from $1 to $10.
Our decision to begin charging for publications (either as an annual subscription to all the pubs or on a per publication basis) is based on input from ATTRA users, NCAT staff and board and other friends. We believe the fees are in keeping with those that similar organizations charge for services.
Please feel free to call or email us if you have questions or would like more information.  Many thanks for your support and assistance during these past few months as we have worked to keep ATTRA operating.  We look forward to continuing to meet the needs of agricultural producers in these challenging times.
Best regards,
Kathy Hadley
Executive Director

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