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do i hear $500 for the cuddly baby rabbit?

Posted: June 17 2009

bring your smiles, your positive energies and your wallets to the Goat Spit Summertime Throwdown this Saturday!  We've already shared the menu, now here are some additional items that could be yours if the spirit moves you!  We'll be auctioning off all kinds of delicious, fuzzy, and useful items.
Greenhorns Auction Items
MUD Coffee: Goodie Bag
Franny's: $50 Gift Certificate
Smithereen Farm: share in future - 2lb pork sausage, 1 meat rabbit, 1 meat chicken. Value $130
Smithereen Farm: 2 backyard laying hens + bag of feed. Value $120
Smithereen Farm: Pet Rabbit (yes, the cute one above). Value $25
Bedford Cheese Shop: $30 gift cert
NOFA: 2 tote bags, one lg, one sm. Value $20
"Rural Route Films": best of collection DVD. Value $35
1 Copy "Fed Up". Value $30
Complete collection of Greenhorns stickers
Heritage Foods: USA ham hock. Value $125
Rose Water Restaurant: Gift Certificate for dinner for two
Jimmy's No. 43: • $100 Gift Certificate
Dominick: • $100 Gift Certificate
2 tickets to upcoming Underground Food Collective dinner in September. Value $120
Hudson Valley Seed Library: Heirloom Seeds
and there's more to come....


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