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dairy equity

Posted: November 29 2010

MOOMilk and Wayside Food Programs working to bring organic milk to those in need
Two Maine groups dedicated to supplying high quality, nutritious food to Maine people have teamed up to make fresh organic Maine milk available to those who otherwise could not afford it.
Maine’s Own Organic Milk Company has partnered with Wayside Food Programs of Portland to supply fresh MOOMilk to the many food pantries, shelters, soup kitchens and other institutions served by Wayside.
Wayside’s vision is that all people should have access to the Wayside Food Programfood they need. Its mission is to increase access to food for those in need in Southern Maine by providing a system for community based volunteers who serve prepared meals where such meals are needed, and by collaborating with other agencies and members of the community to build and maintain an efficient network for the collection and equitable distribution of food to those who need it. You can learn more about Wayside by clicking HERE.
Wayside receives much of its food through donations from restaurants, retailers and food producers, but on occasion it still needs to purchase food to meet the needs of its clients. The biggest food expense it has is fresh milk.  You can help Wayside cut down on that expense by purchasing MOOMilk, which we will deliver on your behalf to Wayside. More details about how the program works may be found below the donation buttons.
The program works like this.
You purchase whatever amount of milk you wish directly from MOOMilk, at less than retail prices. MOOmilk will send you a receipt for the milk you purchased, and will then turn the milk directly over to Wayside on your behalf. Wayside will then send you a receipt for the donation of the milk, which you may use to claim a deduction on your federal income tax if you wish. (Wayside is a 501(c)3 organization, so donations of food or money to it are tax deductible). The milk you buy will be freshly produced milk, always with more than a full week of freshness date on it, and is kept properly stored in the Oakhurst Dairy distribution center in Portland until Wayside picks it up. Wayside will pick up this donated milk twice a week and distribute it immediately throughout southern Maine.
You can purchase as much milk as you wish under this program, using either the on-line buttons above or by check using the "Donate MOOMilk" form you can download HERE. Or you may place an order over the phone by calling David Bright, MOOMilk’s Secretary and Deputy Treasurer, at 207-234-4226.:
Your donation to this program will not only help Wayside Kitchen feed the hungry, it will help our MOOMilk farms by increasing the market for their milk.
Thank you for your support of Wayside Kitchen and of the farmers who make up Maine’s Own Organic Milk Company.