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csa's on tv, including greenhorns!

Posted: October 7 2010

From WGBY, Episode #211: Thursday, September 9, 2010

This special edition of Eco Exchange will examine four local farms in Western MA that are using the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) business model.
CSA farms, on the rise in America, but especially in New England, are farms that sell shares to individuals and families in advance of the growing season. In return, shareholders receive a weekly supply of vegetables, fruits, meats, etc. for the duration of the term.
The farms being featured include Indian Line Farm of Great Barrington, the nation's first CSA farm, Red Fire Farm of Granby, which is now selling both summer and winter shares, Whatley's Enterprise Farm, which in addition to selling both winter and summer shares, sources additional produce from small organic farms along the east coast, and Chestnut Farms of Hardwick, New England's first meat CSA.
The farmers featured in this special program will describe the increasing demand for locally grown food, and the role of the CSA model in the changing marketplace.